Morweb CMS

Morweb’s live-edit is the easiest way to update, grow and manage your website. You work right on your web page and not in the back-end of the CMS. This mean, you can literally see your changes happen instantly. Click and type changes or use our simple to use WYSIWYG editor for more advanced edits. Best of all, everything uses silky smooth drag and drop functionality.

For regular Joes. We mean it.

We've designed everything about Morweb for the least technical users, the kind of folks who just want to pop in the keys and have it work.


Drag & Drop whatever your website needs!

With Morweb Blocks Bar, simply drag the block icon you want to where ever you wish. Add images, video, forms, galleries, Google maps, social media feeds and much more!

Instant Page Save

Make changes on the fly and Morweb saves your page instantly, with no page reload. That’s time saved.

No Fuss Align Tool

Morweb automatically aligns content, images, forms, galleries or simply anything without the fidgeting.

Instant Image Resize & Optimization

Morweb instantly converts large images into web friendly versions and resizes them to perfectly fit on your web page.

Morweb Page Manager

With page manager you’ll be able to edit and update content from any page through out the website. Also, create unlimited number of pages with Add Pages feature.

Morweb Live-Edit

Edit any page live on your website. Simply right click and edit on the spot. You can change text, images, galleries, forms, embed videos and much more without changing a single line of code.

Built-in Template Features

Full Screen Image Billboard Slider with Editable Text

Up to 5 custom billboard images will be designed and will span the full width of the home page and interior pages, where needed. The images will rotate using appealing, mobile friendly animation. The custom images will be designed to grow awareness of important information, stories and events about your organization that will entice visitors to interact. These custom images can be updated easily and frequently with Morweb to coincide with your objectives at any given time and to keep the site updated and fresh.

Custom Jquery Image Navigation

The custom jquery image menu is an animated menu that displays not only links to other pages but images/icons and slogans right in the drop down menu. Giving visitors a sneak peak before they click. This robust menu will be the soul of your new website and will provide an interactive user experience.

Fixed Top Navigation

As you scroll down through pages, the main navigation will remain fixed at the top of the browser window. The menu also condenses slightly only to show the essentials of the menu that way the focus is on the page content. This allows users to quickly get around the website without the need to scroll up.


Morweb's sub-templates give you even more flexibility to customize the layout and content of any page. Sub-templates can be drag and dropped right into any page. The pre-installed sub-templates included are:

Parallax sub-template - allows you to add an appealing wide screen background image and overlay content on top. You can drag and drop this anywhere, add your image and text. This is perfect for promoting an upcoming event, videos or basically anything,

Logo Bar sub-template - allows you to drag and drop multiple logos and have them scroll nicely on a page. You can link the logos to specific sections of your website. This is great for promoting sponsors or your programs.

Social Media Feed sub-template - allows you to add social media feeds in a 4 tabbed content area. Users will can quickly see all social media feeds in one place such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Blog. They can switch to the feed of choice by just clicking on one of the tabs.

Feature Blog Post Slider

The feature blog post slider allows you to display featured blog posts on any page by simply dragging and dropping to any specific section of the page. You’ll be able to select what post to display based on tag, category, popularity or most recent. The slider will have appealing roll-over effects and entice visitors to further engage with your website.

Image Gallery Templates

We'll design two custom image gallery template that can showcase various galleries with thumbnail view of images along with descriptions and titles if needed. Once an image is clicked an enlarged view of the image is shown. The gallery template can be easily used to create new galleries using Morweb at any time and be mobile friendly..

Morweb File Manager

With Morweb File manager, you can upload PDF’s, videos, documents and images from any remote location. The files are then categorized and added to any page on the website. Create an online archive of PDF's, Image Galleries and more.

Morweb Dashboard

Drag, move and resize your dashboard windows to view at-a-glance web statistics anyway you like.

Morweb Blog

Morweb's blog will allow you to publish blog posts to your website and social channels instantly, manage tags, categories, authors, SEO, images and customize layouts specific to the blog content.

Morweb Enterprise Level Permissions

Morweb enterprise level permissions can be applied to group, individuals and even to single items within sections, for example giving a user access to a specific page(s) or blog(s).

Morweb Form Manager

With Morweb Form Manager you can create online forms and place them on any page on the website. Once the information is collected, it's sent to an e-mail of your choice. The information is also stored in the Client List section for future use.

Morweb Contact Lists

With Morweb powerful Contact List feature, information collected from online forms on your website will be databased and organized via Contact List feature

Morweb Mobile Preview

Make changes to your website and toggle to mobile preview to see your website as it appears on various mobile or tablet devices instantly.

Morweb API Service Manager

Morweb has a built in API integration platform created Specifically to connect other system's API such as social, CRM systems, payment merchants and more. Due to this, integrating is a natural process for Morweb and we can connect to almost any system.

Custom Blocks Development

Morweb's blocks bar allows for custom blocks on a per site basis. This means we can build custom functionality EXACTLY to your needs and make it accessible to your website. You’ll be able to drag and drop your own custom block to any page.


One of the main problems with websites are that load times are very slow, the technology used is not search engine friendly or interactive. The mechanics of your new site will be light, effective and load quickly. The templates developed have scalability in mind and use technologies that will require minimal up-keep as technology advances.


The website design will be tested on Internet Explorer 9.0+ FireFox, Safari and Chrome for consistent design, layout and functionality of all code.

Complete Training, Phone & E-mail Support is included