March 6, 2014

What is all the hoopla about responsive web design (RWD)?

Published by andreb

Mowrweb was recently featured in Search Engine Journal in an article entitled, The SEO of RWD, where our CEO outlines the benefits of switching to a responsive web design (RWD).

And naturally, web design authorities are all Tweeting about responsive design benefits.

But don't take our word for it, Google Developers page announced why they're fond of responsive websites, too.

We recommend using responsive web design because it has many good aspects:

Using a single URL for a piece of content makes it easier for your users to interact with, share, and link to your content, and a single URL for the content helps Google’s algorithms assign the indexing properties for the content.

No redirection is needed for users to get to the device-optimized view, which reduces loading time. Also, user agent-based redirection is error-prone and can degrade your site’s user experience (see “Pitfalls when detecting user agents” section for details).

It saves resources for both your site and Google’s crawlers. For responsive web design pages, any Googlebot user agents needs to crawl your pages once, as opposed to crawling multiple times with different user agents, to retrieve your content. This improvement in crawling efficiency can indirectly help Google index more of the site’s contents and keep it appropriately fresh.

h/t to Business2Community