September 13, 2014

Study: Higher year-on-year conversion rates attributable to investments in web design.

Published by andreb

Online retail transactions are red hot, as consumers embrace mobile and online shopping. And lots of e-retailers have realized the power a high-performing website can give to their business. Fast response times, quick page loads and ease of use for shoppers are the three keys to stellar ecommerce performance.

According to a new survey of 300 eCommerce decision makers in the U.S., UK and Canada, almost half surveyed attribute higher year-on-year conversion rates to investments in web design. Has that got you wondering, "How does my site perform?" Here's a great list of site performance tools from SEO Buzzworld to help you decide.


The study also found that 76 percent of eCommerce decision makers in the regions surveyed believe website experience directly impacts their brand’s public perception. With that in mind, 33 percent say they will invest in web design and 29 percent in the overall user experience to achieve higher conversion rates in 2014.

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